Why You Should Rate Your Freelancers’ Quality

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Sophia Heybrock


December 8, 2023

Why You Should Rate Your Freelancers’ Quality on EasyTranslate

As a customer of translation and copy editing services, you know that the quality of work you receive can vary. However, it's crucial to have confidence in the translator or copy editor you selected for your projects. Especially when there are hundreds of freelancers to choose from. That's where EasyTranslate's quality rating feature comes into play, offering an invaluable tool for both customers and freelancers.The quality rating feature is more than just a simple feedback mechanism; it serves as a bridge between customers and language professionals, ensuring transparency and excellence in every project. Here’s how it works and why you should be using this feature regularly.
How does the quality rating feature work?After receiving a completed translation or edited content on EasyTranslate, look for the star icon associated with your project.
By clicking on the star icon, you’re prompted with the question “Do you recommend working with this freelancer?” This is your opportunity to rate their performance from 1-5 stars based on your satisfaction level.But why stop at the stars? The EasyTranslate platform also allows you to provide more detailed comments about your experience. Whether it’s praise for exceptional work or constructive criticism aimed at improvement, your insights are valuable.Once submitted, freelancers receive an email notification about the rating and comment they’ve received. This opens up a channel for direct communication, allowing them to reach out if necessary.
Why rate freelancers on EasyTranslate?You might wonder why taking a moment to leave a rating is worth your time. The answer lies in mutual benefit:
1. Making informed decisions

When choosing a freelancer for your next project, wouldn’t it be great to see what others have experienced working with them? The cumulative score displayed on each freelancer’s profile provides exactly that - a snapshot of their overall performance as rated by peers like yourself. Seeing their rating adds an extra layer of reliability when making your selection.

“I think the rating function is a quick and easy way to give feedback on the translation files we receive.”
Tuuli Vaarala

2. Enhanced communication

Rating features often seem like one-way streets where customers leave reviews without further interaction. However, EasyTranslate fosters two-way communication by notifying freelancers about the rating and encouraging them to react. Leaving insightful ratings and feedback prompts dialogue between you and our freelancers fostering better understanding and collaboration.

“The review function is a good way to communicate with freelancers through Easytranslate, as it allows them to get immediate feedback from us on the work they do. It had a positive effect on my cooperation with the freelancers because it makes the translation process open and interactive.”
Tuuli Vaarala

3. Motivating and encouraging excellence

Knowing that customers will evaluate their work motivates freelancers to deliver top-notch results consistently. Freelancers strive to provide even better translations and copy knowing every job can increase their star ratings. Moreover, receiving constructive feedback helps them grow professionally and you get better services in return.

"The rating function of EasyTranslate is a great tool for sharing feedback and motivating freelancers to keep up with their excellent work. I also believe that sharing positive feedback helps us retain high-quality freelancers for future projects." 
Albertina Fetahu 


Utilising the quality rating feature on EasyTranslate is not only beneficial but integral to the success of your collaborations with translators and copy editors. It fosters a transparent environment where you can confidently make informed decisions.By taking the time to rate and comment on a freelancer's work, you contribute to a system of quality control that encourages excellence. Leaving a rating motivates freelancers to deliver their best work consistently.

Ultimately, engaging in this feedback loop enhances communication between you and freelancers, leading to better collaboration and improved outcomes.All in all, utilising EasyTranslate’s quality rating feature isn't just about leaving marks - it’s about making them! So next time you receive a project from one of our freelancers - take those few extra moments:
1. Leave a star rating reflecting your satisfaction level.
2. Write up brief but insightful commentary on your experience.
3. Play an active role in shaping our services!