Game changer: 200 Words of Original Content for 8€

Content Generation


Sophia Heybrock


August 28, 2023

Game Changer for Marketing Agencies: 200 Words of Original Content for 8€

Content is king. Any marketing agency knows that the right words can engage audiences, drive brand loyalty and boost sales like nothing else. However, creating such high-quality content can become a time-consuming and costly affair.

This article identifies a unique opportunity to support marketing agencies by providing cost-efficient content creation services (both monolingual and multilingual) without compromising on quality or authenticity.

Read on to find out how any marketing agency can get 200 words of original content in any language for just 8€ and deliver SEO-friendly content to clients at light speed.

Generating content with AI

Writing copy for clients can take hours. Using generative AI helps to take care of the bulk of the work and eliminates big chunks of the time-consuming research work. The latest and most advanced AI technology is able to generate high-quality content fast and at scale.

Native content by copy editors

Copy editing is where the real magic comes in. Trained copy editors who are native speakers of a variety of languages are able to streamline the AI-generated content with the unique brand identity of the marketing agency’s client. Through text edits, they ensure that the message is consistent and authentic across all markets.

  • Price advantage

The major benefit here is the price advantage. At EasyTranslate, generating content with AI is free and copy editing by one of our many native copy editors costs around 8€ per 200 words. Whether it's updates and promo for social media, blog post abstracts, a catchy landing page intro or a marketing email - 200 words have a big impact and drive engagement. Just imagine the amount of tailored, native content you could get for 80€.

  • Producing content at the speed of light

Instead of writing the content in-house with a team that might already have a high workload, delegating a big chunk of the copy production to AI and copy editors is a huge time - and, let’s be honest - lifesaver. It is like going from a small content team to a much bigger one without paying a fortune.

  • Skipping translation

No more translation necessary. Instead of producing content in one language and then having it translated, this innovative method lets you completely skip the translation step. Generating copy directly in the target language and having a copy editor make further edits leads to even more localised content that resonates with target audiences in their local markets.

  • SEO from the get-go

A good generative AI tool is able to give information about SEO matters such as the right keywords and analysis. It can generate content that is already search engine optimised and targets unpaid traffic, also known as organic search results. On top of that, many copy editors specialise in SEO and know how to further optimise the content so it will receive the traffic and engagement it deserves.

Best results for clients and end customers

By following this progressive approach, marketing agencies support their clients and their end customers as well. How? By delivering localised content that speaks directly to them in their own language – a surefire way to build trust and engagement. More importantly, content will be delivered at a much faster rate, ensuring satisfied clients who will be happy to come back.

Everything in one tool

Platforms like EasyTranslate combine AI and human freelancers for a perfect symbiosis of quality and efficiency. Moreover, the app integrates seamlessly with popular CMS platforms such as WordPress or design tools like Figma, making it easier for marketing agencies to manage their content effectively and even switch between languages directly on those platforms.


Marketing agencies manage multiple clients simultaneously and are often constantly under pressure to deliver creative and engaging content within tight deadlines. The unique combination of AI-generated content followed by human editing offered by EasyTranslate can help save time while ensuring the quality and originality of the content is not compromised.

Even better, for only around 8€ for 200 words, agencies can get authentic content directly in the native language of their client’s target market. Boosted by AI, our human copy editors create powerful copy that resonates with local audiences.This is the ideal solution for any marketing agency wanting to produce high-quality personalised content fast and at a great price.

Try it out with a free account today and only pay what our copy editors charge themselves.