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How POWER Scales Its Consumer Electronics Webshop With Collaborative Translation Management

When you’re selling thousands of products in 200 stores and ever-growing webshops across four...

| Sophia Heybrock | 2 min

Effective Prompts for Generative AI

While everyone seems to be talking about generative AI, not all know how to use these Large...

| Sophia Heybrock | 4 min

Press Release: EasyTranslate Raises €3M+ and Partners Up With Pride Capital Partners

EasyTranslate has closed a EUR 3+ million funding round led by the Dutch investor Pride Capital...

| EasyTranslate | 3 min

Content Localisation Trends for 2023

A lot has been happening in the world of content translation and localisation. As the year is...

| Sophia Heybrock | 3 min

Quality Assurance - How to Assess Translation Quality

It is not always easy to assess if your translator’s work actually lives up to your expectations,...

| Sophia Heybrock | 3 min

How to Increase Developer Efficiency With Continuous Localisation

If you want to stay competitive and compliant, you need to regularly update your content. Think of...

| Sophia Heybrock | 4 min

Language Is as Important as Your Product Itself

You probably know the following online shopping scenario. After a few minutes of scrolling, you add...

| Sophia Heybrock | 2 min

Why You Should Invest in Custom Machine Translation

Current AI tools have been making it possible for us to delegate menial tasks to them, so we can...

| Sophia Heybrock | 3 min

7 Tips for a Fruitful Collaboration With Translators

If you are not considering collaboration with translators as part of your translation strategy, you...

| Sophia Heybrock | 5 min

Diversify Your Translation Methods and Cut Costs

There are multiple translation methods to choose from, and it is not always easy to know which one...

| Sophia Heybrock | 3 min

How Content Generation Can Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

  The business environment is highly competitive and to be successful, you need to stand out from...

| Teodora Vîlceanu | 2 min

Top 5 Aspects to Consider When Planning Your Localisation Budget

  You want your localisation strategy to be as efficient as possible at all levels, but are you...

| Teodora Vîlceanu | 4 min

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