AI + Copy Editors - Upgraded Multilingual Content

Content Generation


Sophia Heybrock


August 9, 2023

AI + Copy Editors - A New Approach to Multilingual Content

What is it that you’re ultimately looking for when you’re purchasing the translation of your copy? Is it actually translation? Or ultimately the ability to communicate with your international target audiences?

There might be a new and more sophisticated way to handle your international website and other multilingual content. Instead of going with the traditional translation route, you could also generate content directly in your desired outcome language.

But what does that mean? And how is it actually achievable? In this article, you’ll learn about this new method and find out about the perks and works of creating multilingual content directly in the correct language.

Copy editors to stay on brand

You’re probably worried about generating content in a language you don’t speak. This concern becomes less intimidating when you have the option to let a copy editor - a well-briefed native speaker - look over and refine your text.

Trusting a copy editor with your content is not much different from trusting a translator with it. Copy editors are able to make sure your generated copy is flawless and in line with your overall communication strategy in the language at hand. This is an excellent solution to personalise your generated content so it perfectly aligns with your brand, your product and your tone of voice - regardless of the language.

More authentic localisation

Generating directly in the desired language can lead to more authentically localised content. Copy editors receive the text in the final language and will further edit from there. This is a much more natural process than translating and trying to adapt a foreign text to cultural nuances. Generating directly in the output language already takes those nuances into account.

Price advantage

Generating with AI is free on many platforms, such as EasyTranslate. You save the time - and therefore the money - of spending hours researching and writing.

AI takes care of the bulk of the work at no cost. The prices for copy editing vary depending on the requested language and expectations. At EasyTranslate, copy editing starts at 6€ for 200 generated words in 10 minutes.

Skip the translation step

Using generative AI and copy editors to produce multilingual content lets you completely skip translation. This has the potential to save you valuable time and resources as the whole content creation process happens all at once for all languages.

AI continuously learns and becomes more ‘you’

The magic lies in the continuous learning capabilities any good generative AI tool should offer. With each edit made by a freelance copy editor (or you), the EasyTranslate Content Generation tool becomes smarter. This means that future AI-generated content will continuously improve, becoming an even better reflection of you and your brand.


Did you know that there is another way of producing multilingual content for your international website, social media, ads etc.?

In addition to the traditional translation route, there is also a new and more advanced way of doing it. You can simply generate the content directly in the final language and let copy editors polish it up to make sure it truly reflects your unique terminology, tone and brand.

Generating content from scratch directly in any language versus writing text and translating leads to authentic content that speaks to target audiences due to the natural incorporation of cultural and local nuances.

Through copy editors fine-tuning the content and machine learning enabling continuous improvement, you will create brand-specific content at scale and at a fraction of the cost and time.